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Arizona Investissements focuses on developing, owning, operating, and managing commercial real estate, including retail, office, hotel, and multifamily properties, leveraging innovative strategies and solutions.

Arizona Investissements is a dynamic, entrepreneurial single-family office that strategically seeks value-driven opportunities in the real estate market. With a network of over 60 independent subsidiaries, its extensive portfolio spans Europe and the United States. The family office is at the forefront of sustainability, as evidenced by its commitment to achieving BREAM and HQE certifications for the majority of its new developments. Furthermore, through its subsidiary, Arizona Green Energy, it prioritizes green energy solutions and maintenance services, underscoring its dedication to environmental responsibility.

In addition to its real estate ventures, Arizona Investissements operates a private equity subsidiary specializing in investments from seed to late-stage. This affiliate focuses on innovative companies that align with the family office's environmental initiatives, reflecting its core ethos and commitment to sustainability.







Solar Panels


Arizona Investissements is dedicated to pioneering innovation and sustainable excellence in the global real estate market. Our mission is to shape the future of real estate by consistently delivering high-quality assets, leveraging our entrepreneurial spirit to identify and optimize value-add opportunities, and upholding the highest standards of integrity and environmental responsibility. Through client-centric focus and a commitment to community engagement, we aim to redefine real estate success, leaving a lasting legacy of innovation, sustainability, and excellence.

Abstract Structure


Innovation: Constantly seeking and implementing creative and forward-thinking solutions in real estate development.
Sustainability: A commitment to environmentally conscious practices, as evident through LEED and HQE certifications, green energy initiatives, and sustainable development.
Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all business dealings.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and embracing calculated risks to identify and seize value-add real estate opportunities.
Quality: Striving for excellence and delivering high-quality assets in every aspect of commercial real estate, from retail and office spaces to hotels and multifamily properties.
Discipline: Employing prudent discipline in acquiring, managing, and operating real estate investments to ensure long-term success.

Family-Driven Values: Embracing family office principles and maintaining a close-knit, collaborative environment within the organization.

Community Engagement: Actively participating in and contributing to the communities where Arizona Investissements operates, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility.

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