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Arizona Investissements alongside its subsidiary Arizona Green Energy is at the fore front of sustainability. Optimum building performance and environmental responsibility are our primary objectives when developing new projects. We appreciate our collective dependence on the natural environment; the health and availability of its resources. As such we are using our size, capability and influence to promote sustainable development, environmentally conscious corporate practices and green living.

Solar Panels on Trees


  • First integration of photovoltaic power system in 2011

  • 1 MWC of photovoltaic production by 2015

  • First eco friendly HQE construction in 2007

  • First RT 2012 construction in 2007

  • RT 2012 +20% construction in 2011 

  • First Candelabres eco lighting and management system in 2008

  • First "Dalles Evergreen" installation in 2007 

  • First electric parking stations / charging installations in 2010

  • First storm water management system and facility in 2007

  • First green space parking management structure in 2009 

  • First "Bail Vert" signed in 2011

  • Enhanced enhanced building recycling system in 2007

  • Breeam Certified Buildings

arizona green .png
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